About our Sausages

BBQ beef sausages on plate with tongs ready for servingSummerlea Farm Beef Boxes include sausages made with prime grass-fed Angus yearling, hand crafted by our skilled butcher Nathan.  They are gluten free, made with natural skins, full of flavour and guaranteed to make your next bbq great!

Packs weigh approximately 1kg and  contain 8-9 sausages.

Classic Beef

Ingredients – Summerlea Farm Beef, rice flour, salt, potato starch, mineral salt (451), preservative (223), fermented rice, spice extracts (including 160C, flavours)

Truffle and parmesan

Ingredients – Beef, Tasmanian Truffles, rice flour, salt, parmesan cheese, sugar, herbs, mineral salt (451), preservative (223), yeast extract, dehydrated vegetables, vegetable oil, spices

Did you know? Natural casings have been used in the production of meat specialities for centuries and have remained virtually unchanged in function, appearance and composition. Natural casings are distinguishable from mass produced products because of their irregularity, a signifier of a premium product. So if you notice ‘threads’ on your sausage and it’s lovely and fat, that’s a good sign that it’s been made with a natural casing.