Side and Quarter of beef

Our beef sides and quarters vary in size depending on the age of the animal which is usually between 15-18 months. Quarters are sold as mixed (1/2 a side) giving you a selection of all cuts to enjoy from the forequarter and hindquarter. Our Grillbilly Special gives you all the succulent cuts from the forequarter butchered ready for the smoker, BBQ or standard kitchen oven.

Cooked rib eye fillet being placed on the dining table

As a guide, one of our sides (15-18 months) will average around 125-150kg dressed which will yield approximately 85-100kg beef. Sizes and quantities vary across the season.

We’ll work with you to plan how you would like the cuts butchered. Your order will arrive vacuum sealed for easy storage in the fridge or freezer. We can arrange for our butcher to tweak the fat content of the mince to your liking. Choose from our gluten and dairy free Classic Beef sausages in natural casings or Nathan’s preservative free Beef, Salt & Pepper sausages.

The price is calculated on dressed weight. Quantities available will vary across the season.

  • Full side            15.50/kg
  • Mixed quarter   15.50/kg

We are small scale beef producers so advance notice is always helpful for planning. To get the ball rolling, contact us via the form below. We’ll give you a call to find out what you’re looking for and talk through the options.

A deposit will secure your order.