Beefed-up Boxes 15kg – $340

When you purchase a 10kg Classic Beef Box, choose from the following options to ‘beef up’ your order.Diced gravy beef on plate ready to be placed into pan for cooking

  • Beefed-up Basics – By popular demand we are now offering a straight mince and sausage pack to add to your 10kg. Quick, delicious and always a crowd pleaser. A sensible addition to any freezer. Choose your quantities of each up to a total of 5kgs.
  • Beefed-up Braising Box – Add an extra 5kgs of flavour packed braising options to your beef box. The pack includes a selection of: diced chuck, gravy beef, osso bucco, corned silverside or girello, short ribs, brisket, and gluten free sausages. Oxtail by request.