Beef Box Club

Our seasonal Beef Boxes are carefully curated by us to ensure you receive a variety of cuts prepared in a number of ways. We offer assistance with recipe ideas or cooking suggestions for those not-so-familiar-but-totally-delicious cuts.

Beef Box Club Subscription 

We want you to relax knowing that your beef supply is guaranteed and the price is set. No need to worry about getting your order in early or maybe even missing out! Sit back and leave the rest of the planning to us. As a guaranteed supply will help you plan meals in the kitchen, a subscription helps us plan for the season; a true partnership between you and your farmer.

What do I get in a subscription? Your subscription ensures that each time we process our beef, you receive a 10kg Classic Beef Box. It covers a pre-payment for each of the Beef Boxes you’ll receive over the season.

If you’re a fan of our Beefed-up Boxes or like to order a little something extra, we’ll be more than happy to increase your Beef Box size where quantities allow.

Beef Box schedule. Your Beef Boxes will be ready approximately 8-10 weeks apart through mid-spring to late-autumn.

If I don’t have a subscription can I still order? Absolutely! We appreciate that eating patterns and household requirements differ. Once we’ve filled all our subscriptions we’ll have a better idea of what we’ll have to offer. If you think you won’t get through all five Beef Boxes but would like to place an order, let us know and we’d love to work something out.

What if I have to cancel my subscription? For us, this is more of a partnership than a contract. We understand how quickly life and circumstances can change. If you need to cancel, we will refund the unused balance of your subscription – no questions asked. Our only request is that you let us know as soon as possible so we can match a new kitchen with your Beef Boxes.

Why a limited number of subscriptions? We specialise in single origin beef. That means all beef sold directly to you comes exclusively from our property – born and raised on Summerlea Farm. We’re a little different to some direct-from-farm purchasing models where young animals are purchased, transported to the farm and ‘grown out’ to meet customer demand – we take the lead from our herd, the land and the many variations of seasons nature chooses to throw at us.

Our planning starts a year ahead and is regularly reviewed in light of these natural factors. Then, when we’re ready to start our next season, we have a finite amount of beef to offer over that period.

 Why farm this way?  That’s easy – because we value the overall health and wellbeing of our animals and farm. Farming with a slow, gentle approach allows us to;

  • maintain stock levels at a rate relevant to the size of our farm,
  • manage a quiet herd using our preferred low-stress caring and handling techniques,
  • reduce our carbon footprint by working with natural, seasonal growth cycles,
  • focus on regeneration of the land for future generations,
  • feel confident that the animals have been treated with respect across their lifespan, and
  • guarantee you a quality product.

If you’d like more information about the strategies we put in place to raise a quiet and relaxed herd, please ask us.

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