Our farm at North Lilydale produces restaurant quality Angus beef that is 100% grass fed and free from antibiotics or growth hormones. We specialise in single origin beef. That means all beef sold directly to you comes exclusively from our property – born and raised as part of a small herd on our farm. Our cows spend their days in a quiet, low stress environment. 

Our 2021-22 Season commences Spring 2021 through to Late Autumn 2022


We regularly supply Summerlea Farm beef to Bayside Meats home of Meat Mistress in Sandy Bay.  Call (03) 6225 1482 to enquire about availability.

Beef Boxes

Summerlea Farm Beef Boxes are stocked with naturally good Angus yearling beef. Your order comes to you fresh, ready to eat now or pop into your freezer. ↓ Scroll down and click on images for a detailed description.

We sell our Beef Boxes on subscription via our Beef Box Club. This helps us as farmers plan the season and allows our customers to relax knowing that their beef supply is guaranteed and the prices are locked in. 

We also reserve a subscription-free quantity of Beef Boxes throughout the season for those who would still like to order.  By joining our Beef Box waitlist  we’ll keep you updated on when we have beef available.

Beef Boxes can be collected at your convenience from Crown Cellars in Launceston, SRT Depot Western Junction or from SRT Depot in Brighton. We also offer delivery to a registered business address/commercial premises in most areas. Talk to us about delivery options.

Click images for description ↓

Grass fed Angus beef packaged and boxed ready for distribution

Beef roast tied and seasoned ready for roastingDiced gravy beef on plate ready to be placed into pan for cooking

Cooked rib eye fillet being placed on the dining table

A word about packaging

We’re super excited to share our plans for abandoning plastic packaging and replacing with more sustainable options. So far we’ve replaced 85% of our packaging with garden compostable products. That’s huge! We hope to make it to 100% and will keep researching options until we get there. In the mean time, that’s a significant reducing our environmental footprint. We think you’re going to love it.

When you buy direct you support Tasmanian farmers and communities. Learn more about how you can help us support our community.