The joy of growing grass


Have you ever heard someone say “it’s like watching grass grow”?  Usually that person would be describing something incredibly slow and boring.  But for those of us in the business of growing grass it’s never boring and at certain times of the year, anything but slow!

Grass makes up the complete diet of our cows here at Summerlea although we will admit to sneaking an apple or two as a treat from time to time. To make sure our girls get everything they need for good health and nutrition, we can’t just wing it when it comes to growing grass.

20180519_110540Growing great grass is a full-on operation of soil sampling, mineral balancing and organic matter monitoring. We monitor what’s happening in the grass where the cows have been grazing, the next paddock they’ll mosey into and the next one after that.  Rain, hail or shine.

Yep, growing grass is a complex science and something we take very seriously.  That’s why we’re investing into our soil health so that we can keep our cows healthy and regenerate the land.

Grass fed beef is becoming increasingly popular with people seeking it out for health, environmental and ethical reasons. And quite simply, it tastes great.

If you’d like to see the grass growing for yourself we are offering on farm open days throughout the year by appointment.  Just get in touch to arrange a time to visit and we promise you won’t be bored!

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