Welcoming the new yearling

20180510_115343.jpgRecently we found an old copy of The Weekly Times Farmer’s Handbook published in 1950.  As we sat by the fire reading tips on how to make silage with one man and a horse (useful), we reflected on the way farming has changed in just one generation. Sometimes without even realising we learn, we change, we improve.

It’s been a bit like that for us over the past few months.  We’ve been busy learning, changing and improving.

So what have we learned?  We’ve discovered that an overwhelming number of Tasmanians care about where their beef comes from and how it’s raised. “We’ve loved every bit of it and it means a lot to us that it has been raised the way it has.”

It has been incredibly gratifying to see such a show of support for small producers. I don’t want to sound all Masterchef but we love having our customers along for our journey, going through the ups and downs of becoming sustainable farmers in every sense of the word.

When you buy Summerlea Farm beef you only get Summerlea Farm beef

Most importantly, we’ve learned that the way we produce our meat is pretty special. All our animals are born and raised right here on our farm. That means from day one we know exactly what they’ve eaten, and how much care and attention has been lavished on them! That’s peace of mind for you knowing that you have complete traceability of your meat. We consciously keep the herd small so that our cows can have a stress-free life with plenty of feed and freedom to roam. And you can taste the difference. “Beautiful, full of flavour. Can’t wait to try the rest!”

Taking time to listen to you and hearing our customers feedback has been really important. It’s helped us make some tweaks and changes to ensure you get the best beef and the best value.

Excitingly, we are getting lots of enquiries about our next ordering period. Our 10kg Beef Boxes are now available and we are taking orders for a mid-June collection.

You may notice some differences. Our last orders contained slow grown 2 ½ year old beef with lots of marbling and intense flavour. This time we are offering prime yearling.  The juicy tenderness of this beef comes from a regular diet of lush green grass and a sneaky drink or two of their mother’s milk.  This is true yearling, it doesn’t get better than this!

Quality from paddock to plate

As we get ready to produce our next Beef Boxes, we are working hard with our butcher who is generously sharing his butchery expertise and knife skills; I bet he could teach the Farmers Handbook a thing or two…

Order your beef now by clicking here or go to the SHOP page.

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