Our farm at North Lilydale produces high quality Angus beef that is 100% grass fed and free from antibiotics or growth hormones. Our beef comes from animals born and raised on our farm. They spend their days in a quiet, low stress environment. Click here to find out more about our farm.

Beef Boxes – next orders

  • Spring 2020

Summerlea Farm Beef Boxes are stocked with naturally good Angus yearling beef. Your order comes to you fresh, ready to eat now or pop into your freezer. Scroll down for a detailed description of contents.

Collect at your convenience from Crown Cellars in Launceston or (for our southern customers) from SRT Depot in Brighton. We also offer delivery to a registered business address/commercial premises in most areas. Talk to us about delivery options.

Payment is made via direct bank transfer.

Scroll down for Beef Box details and order form.


10kg Classic Beef Box $230

Our boxes are carefully curated to ensure you receive a variety of cuts prepared in a number of ways. Each box contains a slightly different selection. As a guide it will include:

  • Prime cut steaks (500g porterhouse+500g scotch+500g T-bone or rump)
  • BBQ cuts (either oyster blade, round, ribs, skirt, flank)
  • Premium mince
  • Roast (either topside, blade, rolled, corned silverside or girello)
  • Full flavour slow cook cuts (osso bucco, diced chuck, gravy beef, short ribs, brisket)
  • Gluten free, natural skin sausages.

Beef Box contents will vary slightly according to the weight and size of each animal. They may contain extra steaks, beef strips/diced or roasts to ensure a minimum net weight of 10kg. (Pictured: 2 x 10kg Classic Beef Boxes)

Gourmet Selection Pack $165 

Cook like a chef in the finest steak house with a selection of eye fillet, porterhouse, scotch fillet, rump, T-bone, premium mince and our gluten-free beef, parmesan and truffle sausages made with natural casing. Delicious.  We have a limited number and they sell fast so be quick! Average weight 5kg

15kg Beefed-up Boxes $320 

When you purchase a 10kg Classic Beef Box, choose from the following options to ‘beef up’ your order

  • Beefed-up Basics – By popular demand we are now offering a straight mince and sausage pack to add to your 10kg. Quick, delicious and always a crowd pleaser. A sensible addition to any freezer. Choose your quantities of each up to a total of 5kgs. OR
  • Beefed-up Braising Box – Add an extra 5kgs of flavour packed braising options to your beef box. The pack includes a selection of: diced chuck, gravy beef, osso bucco, corned silverside or girello, short ribs, brisket, and gluten free sausages. Oxtail by request.

Bones for stock or pets $8

You’ve no doubt heard about the health benefits of bone broth and may even have started making some yourself. It’s easy! If you are looking to make some wholesome stocks, soups or broths, or simply want to spoil your favourite pooch, try our 100% grass fed bones. Bag weight at least 1kg.

Add extra mince and save $18

Summerlea mince is the hero of many a dish and is sought after for its consistent flavour and versatility. Add an extra one, two or more portions of mince to your Beef Box to extend your meal time repertoire. Premium and regular mince available to purchase with any 5kg, 10kg or 15kg orders.

Side and quarter of beef

This is the perfect option for the beef loving household or for sharing with friends. Have our butcher prepare your cuts or tell us what you’d like. Click here for more information.

Gift certificate

Make any occasion special with a Summerlea Farm gift certificate.

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We’re happy to help with any questions about which Beef Box option will best suit your household. CONTACT US with an idea of your requirements and we’ll give you a call and start from there.

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