Summerlea Farm is all about happy, healthy cows. Our black beauties wander freely over 100 acres of lush green pasture at Lilydale in Northern Tasmania. The herd is deliberately kept on the small size, so there’s plenty of room to move.

cropped-20170603_120240.jpgWe care for our cows and you can taste the difference. Our Angus beef is 100% grass fed (no grains), with no antibiotics and no growth hormones.

We are committed to ethical, traceable and sustainable farming and are fully accredited in two national quality assurance programs (Meat Standards Australia and Greenham’s “Never Ever”).

Our breeding program is carefully monitored to ensure our cows get enough loving from the bull (Handsome) but not too much! We give our girls plenty of rest and allow them to produce calves according to their natural cycles.  Our herd bloodlines include Landfall and Dunlop Park producing the finest quality premium Angus beef.  Read more about our product on our  SHOP page.


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