Video credit: Tom Chapman Film

Summerlea Farm is completely family owned and run. We are Rick and Liz Mahnken and together with our children Jessica and Jarvis we produce quality Angus beef. We live and work on the farm so we can keep a close eye on our cows to make sure they are happy and well cared for.

Rick’s family have lived in North Lilydale for 6 generations. He’s been involved in stock production all his life. Liz brings to the farm experience in customer service, hospitality, retail and a bit of this and that. It’s a good mix. Listen to our story here.

Our transition into selling Beef Boxes started in early 2018. We changed our entire business model to connect directly with people who bought our beef and be part of our local food network. Thanks to a year long development program with Sprout Tasmania we made the leap and haven’t looked back! Since then we’ve fed many families, tested a lot of recipes and learnt a great deal about our land, our product and ourselves.


We love where we live and are proud of what we do. We work hard to respect and care for the land for generations to come. Summerlea Farm hosts abundant native wildlife including giant freshwater lobsters, wombats, wedge-tailed eagles, platypus, wallabies, Mt Arthur burrowing crayfish and one or two shy tiger snakes. We’re investing in land management practices to preserve our river system and regenerate vegetation for shelter and habitat.

Summerlea is a great place for us to raise our family. As well as our cows we have a bouncy border collie, smoochy tabby cat and a handful of clucky chickens. We’d love to share our journey and product with you.

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